modern ceramics. handcrafted with love.

modern ceramics. handcrafted with love.

Studio DelleDonne features ceramic jewelry, as well as functional and decorative wares for the home and garden. All pieces are designed and handcrafted by me, Laura Delledonne in my studio in Los Angeles, California.

My ceramics are created using both stoneware and porcelain. I utilize a variety of hand building techniques, and am constantly experimenting with new forms, glazes and methods. This process results in pieces that are unique, one of a kind and perfectly imperfect.

This gallery features a glimpse of my past work and results of my creative experiments with clay. You can check out my instagram page to see my recent projects.

I take many photos of the aspects of the world around me that I find inspiring. I am drawn to colors, shapes, patterns and architecture the most and these elements are always on my mind as I am creating. Here is a sample of photos from my collection. You can find more in my Instagram page as well as other items that I hope will inspire you!

Thanks for stopping by. Please use the contact form below to get in touch with me about orders or if you any questions about my work.